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Cattle Yards: Smart-Yards™ - Beef

Yards are like a ute, you need them, you abuse them and expect them to work when you want to. Wood or steel are the main elements used in constructing yards, both have advantages and disadvantages, which ones apply to you, only you will know. A choice of steel yards has however proven superior to wood by many farmers. Design, flexibility of change, value retention, saleability of yards as a chattel when a farm is sold, full depreciation in year of purchase, no breaking rails ever are all benefits which appeal.... look further into the options we offer. Proven and solid designs for a robust farming profit future.

Smart-yards(tm) Infinity Design High Performance YardsSmart-yards(tm) Infinity Design High Performance YardsSmart-yards(tm) Infinity Design High Performance YardsSmart-yards(tm) Infinity Design High Performance Yards
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Smart-yards™ Infinity Design High Performance Yards

Infinity High Performance Smart-Yards™ are the best yards you will ever invest in, why? Superior designs enable fast, silent and effective handling and well thought out systems offer ultimate flexibility. We call that High Performance More and more farmers have less time for maintenance and handling. Smart-Yards mean less time in the yards and no more broken rails to repair. The investment you make on a Smart-Yard System maintains its value through the years while wooden yards slowly rot away. Check out the principles of good design and our range of standard plans or let us custom design one for you. Our goal is to make your farming ezy ! and as our clients say dont do the hard yards, invest in smart yards 

TechniPharm Handling and Yard elements have received multiple awards in NZ and Australia

Cattle And Stock Yard Design ConsultancyCattle And Stock Yard Design ConsultancyCattle And Stock Yard Design Consultancy
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Cattle And Stock Yard Design Consultancy

Spending Time And Money On Design Pays

A specialized expert Cattle handling design team is at your service, either use one of our standard designs, or use them in conjunction with your own ideas.  All our designs are digitized and and animal flow simulated and based on animal behaviour science.

Our objective is not to sell you as much steel as we can, our objective is to engage with you and deliver a high perfomance handling system which works for you and makes your farming ezy

TechniPharm Smart Yard and Handler systems have received several NZ and Australian awards

On Site Turn Key ProjectsOn Site Turn Key ProjectsOn Site Turn Key Projects
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On Site Turn Key Projects

Any Job Anywhere

What ever the size of the job, be it a few gates and panels or a complete project including concrete work, water and power points, hydraulics,fully air operated drafting systems and EID. We are keen to assist and complete a turn key project to the highest specifications.


Robust ConstructionRobust ConstructionRobust ConstructionRobust Construction
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Robust Construction

With 40% Visual Barriers Stock Are Intimidated

All Smartyard systems are extremely robust and solid, no wonder they have a 10 year bend it or replacement warranty on the 6 rail and 7 rail heavy panels and gates. If you are after a solid system which will last forever this is it. Do not settle for weaker systems, smaller rails or greater rail spacings. Cattle are so much more settled when they are confined, when cattle feel how solid the yards are they are intimidated and settle easier and handle with a lot less stress.  The heavy wide rails in a Smartyard do that. Safe, solid and super smart. Want to learn more talk to us 0800 80 90 98


Panels & GatesPanels & GatesPanels & GatesPanels & Gates
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Panels & Gates

Stock Behave Better With Solid Visible Barriers

There is a wide range to choose from, 6 rail heavy handling, 7 rail heavy handling or the lighter 7 rail holding. Standard size panels and gates or custom made. All hot dipped galvanized and constructed from genuine K-rail™ Talk to us what suits your cattle handling best 


Tru Curve(tm) PanelsTru Curve(tm) PanelsTru Curve(tm) Panels
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Tru Curve™ Panels

Curves Move Cattle Faster

Tru Curve™ panels are a unique feature of the Smart-Yard designs. Tru Curve™ is proven to make cattle flow and work for you, rather than you doing the hard work the design does it for you. With or without catwalks. Full 180 degrees works best but part curves are also an option. Optional reduccing width feature allows you to reduce the width of the race and avoid those animals turning on you. Engineering would rather see us have straight panels and just make it up from short and long panels, but nothng works like a tru curve so our motto is do what is right and what works best for the stock and farmer. 


Sliding GatesSliding GatesSliding Gates
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Sliding Gates

These fast acting split sliding gates (like elevator doors) provide clear vision to ensure easy cow flow. Double acting gates ensure quicker closing off the gab so next animal in line does get stopped much easier then with single acting gates.  Steel and  wooden yards options, open and screened. Also note these slide gates have vertical rails so cattle can not climb up! or break legs. Slide gates should never have horizontal rails!  Equipped with our unique self locking door system to ensure animals following do not open the gate once it is shut. Great solution to make farnming ezy 


Wooden Yard EnhancementsWooden Yard Enhancements
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Wooden Yard Enhancements

Smart Ideas For Better Yards Start Here

Upgrading or building a new yard, steel can significantly enhance the functionality of wooden yards with the following items 

*Sliding gates *Tru-curves™ *Anti backing systems *Quicksmart™ Exit/entry gates *Camlatches, *360 Force and gates * Concrete catwalks *Entry gates


Anti Backing Arm(tm)
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Anti Backing Arm™

Great For Optimised Control

The animal goes into the race and walks past the arm which has a light spring pressure and folds out of the way. Once past the arm, it swings back out and prevents the animal from backing out of the race. Achieve a faster through-put of stock and reduce your risk of injury with the Anti Backing Arm from Technipharm® . Made to order only


Quick Smart GatesQuick Smart Gates
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Quick Smart Gates

Exit And Entry Gates Between Pens

This smart and award winning exit- entry  gate was specially developed to allow fast and easy safe access between pens, or in and out of yards. It avoids having to open a gate or jump the rails, theres no need for locking and no animals will follow you! Can be mounted in both steel and wooden yards.


Cattle CurtainCattle CurtainCattle CurtainCattle Curtain
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Cattle Curtain

The Safe And Easy Back Stop In Any Yard

NEW NEW Innovation 

This new innovation by TechniPharm we make farming ezy “ will make your yard work easy and safe.

Most yards have a lot of gates, gates require people in the yards often in amongst stock. Area’s where people and stock mingle are the most likely area’s where accidents occur.  Not only that opening and closing gates behind moving stock is time consuming. 

Now there is  Cattle-Curtain Tm,  back stop. 

Place Cattle Curtain ™ anywhere in your yards where cattle should only travel one way.

In lead in pens so mobs are easily held back in stages and stock stock returning is avoided.

In an exit race or at the end of a drafter so stock can not stop other stock moving through

At the end of a loading ramp to stop stock returning from the truck entry 

In a a lead up race to a handler or headbail 


Cattle Curtain ™ is modular and available in any width up to 4 meters.


Extenda Gate Infinite From 2200-3600 Mm
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Extenda Gate Infinite From 2200-3600 Mm

Finally A Gate Which Always Fit

Fitting steel gates or any gate for that matter to a new or old yard is prone to go wrong, either the gate is just to big or to small. Not with Extenda Gate ™ this smart adjustable gate always fits !  

Various hinge options and can also be equiped with a support wheel .  Be smart in your new yard and get some Extanda gates ™  

Hang, adjust, lock, use ! 


Loading RampsLoading RampsLoading Ramps
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Loading Ramps

Adjustable Fixed Height, Single And Dual Loading

Loading ramps for all systems, mobile or fixed, height adjusted or fixed height, straight up or with safety platform or dual loading, we even do a customised curved ramp. 


Loading Ramps - Pro-rampLoading Ramps - Pro-ramp
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Loading Ramps - Pro-ramp


This ramp is build to the highest standards. Catwalks on both sides and an escape deck with side gates. Side gates closed will stop the flow of cattle and protect the driver/stock handler from backing out stock from the truck. We believe this should be the minimum standard on all loading ramps for safety and stress free loading