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Our Purpose

Our defined purpose is to make farming ezy.

Our business purpose is to make your farming ezy, simple as that. Our team is focused on making this happen for you in every way we possibly can.  Creating solutions and innovation is driven to realize better solutions with the aim to make things easier and better! 

TechniPharm has a culture of innovation and product development and has more awards and accolades to its name than any other NZ agricultural company.  

If you have ideas or suggestions in which we can make your farming easier do let us know.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to achieve our goal of creating 30,000 on farm working applications. We aim to achieve this goal by 2025. 

A working application is identified at anything we provide on farm which is functioning to its designed purpose. 

The key word in our goal is working. Its easy to supply stuff, but its another story to ensure they are functioning. 

We could not achieve our goal if it was not for the many thousand farmers who are already TechniPharm customers with in some cases up to 20 working applications. 

For those farmers whom have not joined us yet, we invite you to do so.

Working Applications on Farm Counter