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Smart-Yards™ - iDairy

Effective and stress free handling of Dairy cows is crucial for best results! What you teach in the yards you will receive in the shed... memories stay.

With TechniPharm Smart Yards we offer you superior quality and design from the ground up!
Our expertise has been built up for many years and we offer you more than "just a yard" No other company has more experience and innovation awards in Dairy Handling. Go with the best

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Infinity Smart-Yards™ will probably the best yards you will ever invest in, why? Superior designs make for very fast silent and effective handling, strong well thought out systems for ultimate design flexibility. More and more farmers have less time for maintenance and handling. Smart-Yards means less time in the yards and no more breaking rails to repair. On top of this, the investment maintains its value through the years while a wooden yards slowly deteriorate away. Check our 20 or so basic designs or let us know your design so we can computer simulate and make sure it works for you! Check out Sound reasons to invest in Smart Yards *New Smart Yards for client in Wairarapa So cool weve been wanting to put these yards in for 14 years so its just magic to get them finally budgeted into the farm plan and to be so happy with the outcome!! Alexander commented this morning that he is delighted with the new yards. Our scanning guy was in the other day and he commented that they are probably the best yards hes ever worked in! Many, many thanks for this and all your support getting the yards up and running. Kindest regards Paula (and Alexander!) Petrie *New Smart Yards HD for Twin Oak Angus Design, build and suitability to purpose HD Smart Yards are the next step up for cattle and people alike, from an external service provider.... Roger had a stock buyer there yesterday and they drafted 400 steers, he said Ive only worked in Te Pari steel yard and I had have one of those my self too, but this TechniPharm yard is another league . Drafted the 400 steers in record time Cattle just respect the visual impact of the system and are very seldom challenging that, this means animals are stress free and easy top handle


Smart-yard Design ConsultancySmart-yard Design ConsultancySmart-yard Design Consultancy
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Smart-yard Design Consultancy

Design Around The Animal Is Paramount

A specialised and reputable design team is at your service , by that we mean not a design team which knows how to create fancy lines on a screen, but design based on proven animal behaviour science and experience is an other matter. Design is a specialist areas where the TechniPharm team can create an edge for you Our many years in the business and having an animal first stress free approach means you win both ways, best design for your farm system and best product long term. We have integrated scientific parameters in our yard designs ensuring you get performance at every step of the way. We know your yards are the picot point in your farm handling operations, TechniPharm solutions will be value for money, and product price competitive to outcomes and expectations. High Performance is our minimum standard Cattle just respect the visual impact of the system and are very seldom challenging that, this means animals are stress free and easy top handle Roger Hayward Twin Oak Angus


On Site Turn Key ProjectsOn Site Turn Key Projects
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On Site Turn Key Projects

What ever the size of the job, being it a few gates and panels or a complete project including concrete work, water and power points, fully air operated drafting systems and EID. We are keen to assist and complete a turn key project to the highest specifications.


Cow CurtainCow CurtainCow CurtainCow Curtain
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Cow Curtain

The Safe And Easy Back Stop In Any Yard

NEW NEW Innovation 

This new innovation by TechniPharm we make farming ezy “ will make your yard work easy and safe.

Most yards have a lot of gates, gates require people in the yards often in amongst stock. Area’s where people and stock mingle are the most likely area’s where accidents occur.  Not only that opening and closing gates behind moving stock is time consuming. 

Now there is  Cow-Curtain Tm,  back stop. 

Place Cow Curtain ™ anywhere in your yards where stock should only travel one way.

In lead in pens so mobs are easily held back in stages and stock stock returning is avoided.

In an exit race or at the end of a drafter so stock can not stop other stock moving through

At the end of a loading ramp to stop stock returning from the truck entry 

In a a lead up race to a handler or headbail, or use at feedpad or shelter or barn for one way exits 


Cattle Curtain ™ is modular and available in any width up to 4 meters.


Smart Yards - Idairy
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Smart Yards - Idairy

Dairy Stock Benefit From Infinity Smart Yards

Handling stock without stress and creating good memories helps create a Dairy herd which is easy to manage. Reduced stress means healthy and happy cows and more milk. Paying attention to your stock handling can have massive benefits, be guide by excellent design and expertise from our team, making your farming ezy

various Smart Yard products have won award, like the Quiksmart exit gate and the silent pin locking system

Panels & Gates
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Panels & Gates

There is a wide range to choose from, 6 rail heavy handling, 5 rail heavy handling or the lighter 7 rail holding. Standard size panels and gates or custom made. All hot dipped galvanized and constructed from certified genuine Krail


Tru Curve(tm) Panels
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Tru Curve™ Panels

Tru Curve™ panels are a unique feature of the Infinity Smart-Yard designs. Tru Curve™ has proven to make cattle flow and work for you, rather than you doing the hard work the design does it for you. With or without catwalks. Full 180 degrees works best but part curves are also an option. Add a reducing width calf infill and your ability to handle all sizes of stock through the same yard.


Sliding GatesSliding GatesSliding GatesSliding GatesSliding Gates
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Sliding Gates

From fast acting split sliding gate (like elevator doors) which provides clear vision to ensure easy cow flow. Can be used in wooden yards also by bolting this onto your existing strainer or post. Equipped with our unique self locking door system ensuring following animals do not open the gate once it is shut. Options full width slide gate and the new Ezy Fit in wooden yards slide gate which simply can be inserted at an spot without having to put new strainers of post in Just cut the rails and away you go.


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Exit/entry Gates

This smart and award winning exit gate was specially developed to allow fast and easy access between pens, or in and out of yards. Avoids having to open a gate or jump the rails, no need to lock and no animals will follow you! Can be mounted in steel and wooden yards.