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Fieldays And Shows

Field days and shows are a great place for you to meet our team and see the products which will make your farming ezy.
TechniPharm attends a range of shows in New Zealand and Australia to ensure we can meet with clients and show off the new innovations and provide the best deals on the day. Field days and shows are also a great place to share know how and get informed about whats going on. For farmers, exhibitors and industry service providers its the real and actual market place of todays agricultural industry.
Our focus is to make your farming ezy.

South Island Agricultural Field days

South Island Agricultural Field Days


Tuesday 25 March 2025 to Friday 28 March 2025

The oldest and largest agricultural event in the South Island. Kiwee in the center of Canterbury is a great spot for a Field day and a great time of year! not as busy as Fieldays and thus great time to talk the talk with the experts TechniPharm will have its full range of iBeef, iSheep and iDairy we make farming ezy product solutions on site Come and see the award winning ECOBAG(tm) FLEXITANK-R nutrient capture effluent storage and management system. Gentler Animal Control unit For all those farmers in the animal handling business, the golden standard in handling starts with the Hiflow 260 cattle handler and the all new all new Infinity Handlers build to purpose just for you.

National Fieldays TechniPharm in Main PavilionNational Fieldays TechniPharm in Main PavilionNational Fieldays TechniPharm in Main PavilionNational Fieldays TechniPharm in Main Pavilion

National Fieldays Technipharm In Main Pavilion

Hamilton NZ

Wednesday 12 June 2024 to Saturday 15 June 2024

National Fieldays is the pinnacle of everything agricultural. In 2021 TechniPharm will bring you new innovations in Beef, Sheep and Dairy farming.

With a post covid reset TechniPharm has changed the way it exhibits its range of Make Farming Ezy product solutions, come and see us in the Main Pavilon and have a chat with our experienced team.

iDairy with ECOBAG FLEXITANK R, Greenwash Dual core Dungbuster, Hoofcare and animal handling solutions galore and the all new Gentler animal controller.

iBeef `beef me up` will be feature a dedicated site just to all what Beef Handling is about. See and feel the golden standard Hiflow 260 Handler and Bull Beef Box and build your own dedicated Infinity Cattle Handler.
iCowhouse for all new and proven dairy housing ideas and systems.

With more fieldays awards then most, TechniPharm is a must see on your list. Call us today for an information pack on 0800 80 90 98.
We make farming ezy.

CDF Field DaysCDF Field DaysCDF Field Days

Cdf Field Days


Thursday 14 March 2024 to Saturday 16 March 2024

CDF field days is a great regional Field days and show of everything ag. TechniPharm has an active display of the latest innovations in Animal Handling, Farm Automation, Effluent storage and management, Dungbuster yard washing systems, aswell as a range of very handy tools and gadgets to make your farming ezy 0800 80 90 98 Must see !  Infinity Cattle Handlers # 8 Hydraulic Handler Smart Yards, Hoofcare Handling, ECOBAG and FLEXITANK-R Effluent storage Gentler Animal Control unit

Northland Field days Site E 19 A

Northland Field Days Site E 19 A


Friday 01 March 2024 to Saturday 02 March 2024

Northland Field days is the event for farmers and industry leaders to attend in Northland. TechniPharm will be present at the event with their leading iBeef (Cattle handling and yards) and iDairy (automation and handling) and Effluent storage and management systems. 0800 80 90 98 we make farming ezy Come and must see ECOBAG and FLEXITANK-R effluent storage, Dungbuster Auto Yard washing, Infinity Handlers #8 Hydraulic Handler Smart Yards Hoofcare Handling Gentler Animal controller

Southern Field Days WaimumuSouthern Field Days WaimumuSouthern Field Days Waimumu

Southern Field Days Waimumu


Wednesday 14 February 2024 to Friday 16 February 2024


Waimumu is in the centre of all things Dairy, Beef and Sheep farming   TechniPharm has many clients in this area and our presence at this great show is focused around Beef and Sheep animal handling solutions Dairy handling, effluent mangement, farm automation and Dairy Housing. Technipharm will be displaying with expert solutions to make your farming ezy. We are inside the Main pavilion with a great display and team to connect with to make your farming ezy