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TechniPharm has some great products for Pig farmers.As there are not as many of you as Beef, Sheep and Dairy farmers we have some products which show cows because that is where the majority of customers ask for. So if you see a cow... think its a pig.. Browse through the various products and options and explore the possibilities. Our objective is to make "your farming ezy"

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Pregnancy Detection Ultra Dopler Sound
Pregnancy Detection Ultra Dopler Sound (1)
The Medata system used worldwide for many years by many thousands of farmers has proven its reputation many times over. Many pork farmers use Ultra Doppler sound every day to detect sows in pig and during birth ensuring no piglets left behind.

1 product - view it here
Backfat testers
Backfat testers (1)
Pigs and bacon... test that fat layer, The Leanstreak is a great ultra sound tester making short work of getting it right.

1 product - view it here
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