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Cattle Handling Headbails - Cattle Crushers

TechniPharm offers you a range of real headbails with specific performance features, We spent 30 years refining head bail design and we are confident in saying Technipharm Headbails are designed to purpose! part of that purpose is reduced stress! The pH of beef post-slaughter has a major effect on beef tenderness.With levels of pH under 5.8 beef will be tender however when pH isbetween 5.8 and 6.2 this has beencassociated with greater toughness. Over pH 6.2 results in dark-cutting beef with poor shelf life. The level of pH is largely determined by the amount of glycogen that has been stored in the muscles pre-slaughter. Tenderness is probably the most important beef attribute, and this can be partly determined by animal age at slaughter, and pre and post-slaughter

management. Animals fed well and not stressed will likely have high glycogen levels and therefore will achieve a muscle pH associated with desirable meat quality characteristics.


TechniPharm has received many awards for its design, application and performance in Headbails, with over 11 awards both in New Zealand and Australia...  Choose form the Highflow 260, Rotating Yoke and Concertina Headbail manual or hydraulic. we make farming ezy

Highflow 260 Cattle Handler HeadbailHighflow 260 Cattle Handler Headbail
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Highflow 260 Cattle Handler Headbail

A Serious Head Bail For Serious Stockmen

From our 11 times Handling equipment award winner, This head bail is indeed for serious stockmen. Years of handling expertise has been bundled in the powerful Highflow 260 head bail. Fast, hard and safe is what is needed when handling large mobs through a handling system. Hydraulically operated and super heavy duty this head bail has all the features and benefits needed. Australian Product Release at Beef Expo Rockhampton an event worthy for a high performance head bail like the HighFlow 260. Check it out ! Nothing beats this comment of users. 

$13595.00AUD + GST
Part No. CHHB26

Rotating Yoke(tm) Headbail , New With Active Hydraulics
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Rotating Yoke™ Headbail , New With Active Hydraulics

Master Of The Pack In Hydraulic Power

The revolutionary, patented Rotating Yoke Head bail™ , no linkages, just two rotating yokes and a handle, not just an up and down handle but also rotating which enables you to operate it with ease from behind the animal. Winner of 10 Awards in both New Zealand and Australia. This headbail allows infinite locking with finger tip control in a safe manner for both the animal and the operator. New for 2017 is the active Hydraulics on this unit, now fingertip control with simplified but yet very powerful hydraulics. 240 volt power is required. Demand for this unit is driven by farmers telling us that large mobs and more handling is having an impact on aging farmers shoulders, additionally staff female and male alike are more confident with hydraulics and super safe locking an animal in, then with conventional manual units. Why bother with manual while you can, for a fraction more, have active hydraulics.

$8995.00AUD + GST

WINNER OF 10 AWARDS! *National Fielday 2001 *Waimumu SI Field Days 2002 *Australian Farm World 2002 *New Zealand National Fielday 02 *AUS Beef Expo 2003 (2x) *AUS Beef Expo 2004 (2x) *AUS Beef Expo 2006

Midranger(tm) Full Size HeadbailMidranger(tm) Full Size Headbail
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Midranger™ Full Size Headbail

The Midranger™ full size concertina head bail pre dates the Rotating Yoke, there are nevertheless many hundreds of these units around the country. This head bail was a revolution when first released in 1995. The fact that it fully opened and had a silent infinite locking system was very unique. The hydralock™ technology is now widely used. This head bail is strong and heavy and suitable for all type of cattle. The rubber lined yoke and neck extenders which were later design innovations makes this head bail a true winner. Lugs on the unit allows you to bolt this straight onto a set of post or bolt to older type crush or handlers. Comes both in Galv and Powdercoated as an option. Near or Off side handle and rear operation kit available. You choose.

$4895.00AUD + GST

Midranger(tm) Medium Size Headbail
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Midranger™ Medium Size Headbail

Allrounder™ Range

Ideal for those farmers who do a limited amount of handling and can not justify the heavier Midranger™ full size concertina headbail or the Rotating Yoke Headbail™ . This unit gives you key benefits at a good price which is better than having to buy and old fashioned ratchet operated unit.

$3200.00AUD + GST

Rear Operation Kit Sets
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Rear Operation Kit Sets

Operate Headbail From Behind Animal

Operating the headbail from behind makes handling easier because the animal walks away from you. This makes the stock calmer and opening and locking the headbail can therefore be done faster. A rear operation kitset is available for all Rotating Yoke and Concertina Headbails - cattle or dairy.

$698.00AUD + GST
Part No. HBROP


Honda Generator
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Honda Generator


This top of the line generator is a great asset to any farm business. silent in operation and very mobile, great for any job anywhere. 


Ideal for For fully Hydraulic Handlers 

$2195.00AUD + GST
Part No. HGEU22I

Honda Generator
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Honda Generator


This top of the line generator is a great asset to any farm business. silent in operation and massive output.


Ideal for For fully Hydraulic Handlers and auto draft system combo 

$6999.00AUD + GST
Part No. HGEU70I