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Backing Gates for Dairy yards

Backing gate design has a great impact on how cows move in the yard. Top Gates, Round yard gates, Rectangular yard gates... If designed properly they will not only move the cows stress free. But also wash the yard, clean wash or greenwash, maybe wet cows ( overtop) on a hot day (rectangular). Consider that a well designed gate could potentially save you a labour unit and increase cows production by reducing stress! Its worth investigating and investing to get the right gate for the right purpose.

Top Tech Herd Flow Backing Gate For Rectangular YardsTop Tech Herd Flow Backing Gate For Rectangular Yards
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Top Tech Herd Flow Backing Gate For Rectangular Yards

Rectangular Yard Best Backing Gate In The Industry

If you really serious about a backing gate, this is it. The TOP TECH Herdflow gate. Originally designed by Reporoa Engineering and world famous in NZ! This gate will shift your cows, not because they have to but because they want to. Now totally new kitset modular design, buy as a set and assemble on site between milkings. Give us a call as this gate is the best in the business. A new feauture is the possibility to overhead wet the cows and cool them off in those hot Ausie sunny days.