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Infinity Smart-Yards™ will probably the best yards you will ever invest in, why? Superior designs make for very fast silent and effective handling, strong well thought out systems for ultimate design flexibility. More and more farmers have less time for maintenance and handling. Smart-Yards means less time in the yards and no more breaking rails to repair. On top of this, the investment maintains it's value through the years while a wooden yards slowly deteriorate away.

Check our 20 or so basic designs or let us know your design so we can computer simulate and make sure it works for you!
Check out Sound reasons to invest in Smart Yards

*New Smart Yards for client in Wairarapa

"So cool we've been wanting to put these yards in for 14 years so it's just magic to get them finally budgeted into the farm plan and to be so happy with the outcome!! Alexander commented this morning that he is delighted with the new yards. Our scanning guy was in the other day and he commented that they are probably the best yards he's ever worked in!

Many, many thanks for this and all your support getting the yards up and running."

Kindest regards
Paula (and Alexander!) Petrie

*New Smart Yards HD for Twin Oak Angus

Design, build and suitability to purpose HD Smart Yards are the next step up for cattle and people alike, from an external service provider....

"Roger had a stock buyer there yesterday and they drafted 400 steers, he said I've only worked in Te Pari steel yard and I had have one of those my self too, but this TechniPharm yard is another league . Drafted the 400 steers in record time"

"Cattle just respect the visual impact of the system and are very seldom challenging that, this means animals are stress free and easy top handle"