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Sheep Yard Designs

Sheep Yard Designs
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Sheep Yard Designs

From Technipharm

Yard design is carried out by experienced and qualified people at TechniPharm. They can aid you in perfecting your own custom design. All designs are done via digital imaging for accuracy and a digital test-run is performed on each yard design to ensure it works well. Investing in one of our permanent and/or mobile systems will help you work faster and be more profitable.
The Perma™-Yard consultancy service from TechniPharm is money well spent!

"When rebuilding our sheep yards we wanted to incorporate new ideas in the design to aid sheep flow and hence reduce labour input. We worked closely with Technipharm in the concept and design stages and found their enthusiasm and expert advice invaluable. Investing in technical advice at the outset saved us time, money and ultimately resulted in a far superior design than we would have otherwise used. If you're about to build new yards make sure you give Technipharm a call first."

John McCaw
National Bank Young Farmer of the Year, 2006.