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  PACIFIER - Animal Control unit

Alistair from Tapanui "We were so impressed with how the heifers responded in the spring we purchased a second unit. An amazing tool we cannot do without"

Gert from Waimate "Anyone can do work on stock without the unpredictable risk associated with working with stock, job is easy and completed quickly without dramas."

Adam "We would definitely place the Pacifier in the 'working smarter not harder' basket. It is a wonderful tool and has made our lives so much easier."


Geoff from Morrinsville " Really the Dungbuster ™ is better than you will ever imagine it to be"

Trevor from Thames "very impressed with the Dungbuster unit, saves time and manual labour, keeps things simple and low maintenance"


Tony from Christchurch "Brilliant one person operation, simple, quick and effective, saves a labour unit"


Julian from Winton "We have used many different handlers over the years but Technipharm gets the tick for easy installation and operation, we now have 2"


Farmhand from Morrinsville "Everyone can handle a large cow now, we can do everything, drench, tags, hoofs, lames cows a breeze. Safe for us and the stock."

Farmer from Matamata "The Supreme has made our jobs a breeze, so easy and the cows are very relaxed. The Squeeze is great for settling them down. We love the Technipharm Supreme Handler..."


P&S from Gisborne have an Extreme "It has made the job a lot easier and with the weighing system under the handler it has to be more accurate"

David from Opotiki has a Beef Master "Best cattle handler I have ever owned, makes no difference how wild the cattle are..."

Mark from North Canterbury has a Beef Master "Cattle handling has never been easier, it has really brought the enjoyment back into working with cattle"

C&R from Matamata has a Dominator "owned one before and met our requirements, gives ease of operation"

JA from Wairoa has a Dominator "used to be a chore, now I work 400 bulls every 6 weeks and look forward to it"

Gay from Kohukohu has a Dominator "don't need the husbands help now which he is happy about, can handle the stock on my own"

John from Dargaville has a Dominator "very quiet and easy on the cattle, weighing is 100% true with load bars under the handler, great"

Hilton from Wairoa has a Beef Master with Rotating Yoke Headbail "we handle bulls over 600kg with our Technipharm handler, this is not a problem"

Tony & Pam purchased a Cattle Pro 1000 at NFD2011, 1st comment was do not worry I have no complaints - Been looking at your units for years but could never get myself to buy, now I am thinking why have I waited so long, Tagging, Weighing everything is a breeze. Great job so ezy, safe and stress free for all


Mr Glass from Piopio ' Strong and quiet"

JC from Dipton "easy to work and very strong, best thing since sliced bread, a bloody delight to work with"


Murray from Taumaranui "the ability to design the yards ourselves and having them custom made, the quality of the steel and type of railing"

Davie from Papanui has a circular force yard "Excellant, would need twice the number of staff at least for conventional yards"


Phillip from Dubbo Australia "Simple and effective, go for it!"

Victor from Wee Wag Australia "Easy to use, I have 4 neighbours wanting to use it"

William from Millbank Australia "Fast with minimal resistance from the animal"


Jean from Christchurch "the SWH take 30mins off milking time (250cows). Confident when we have relief milkers in that the job is still being done"

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