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Dairy Caddy Slimline Plus New Model

Dairy Caddy Slimline Plus  New ModelDairy Caddy Slimline Plus  New Model
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Dairy Caddy Slimline Plus New Model

Dairy Caddy A Great Solution & Paramount For Safety

Dairy caddies have proven themselves for now well over 15 years on many NZ farms and have helped to get rid of those old drums planks and balancing acts. Making farming ezy farmers, staff and service contractors now move safe and steady on a Dairy Caddy along the pit. Dairy caddy slimline was developed to accommodate dairies and budgets where a standard, large or extendable Dairy caddy would not fit. The lighter weight foldable unit can be packed away or taken under the arm to other locations. Great for multiple dairies or vets. Weight limitation 150 KG Height 775mm Length of deck 1100mm Width 470mm. Wheel base 650 W mm by 1330mm L Folded up the unit size is 1155 L 650 W and 210 H Weight +/-10 Kg Note: our recommendation is that where possible use the largest and widest platform (Extendable or Large Dairy Caddy) Particularly if used by outside contractors say for AI it is important that a solid large platform is provided, preferably at the approx. same height as where the cows stand. There are certain pits which are narrow and thus have no option but to use the Slimline Plus option. Dairy Caddy ™ meets LIC pit accreditation standards

Order Early, many farmers order at the last minute which means you may have to wait if stocks run low, plan ahead... make it ezy Stock available for immediate delivery

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