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Cattle Pro 500™

Cattle Pro 500™Cattle Pro 500™Cattle Pro 500™Cattle Pro 500™
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Cattle Pro 500™

Cattle Pro Series


This is a completely redesigned unit with some unique and special features, solid robust construction and at a price everyone can appreciate.

The Cattle Pro 500 features the new walk through Headlock making it a cost effective solution for lifestyle farming small numbers

The unit features a totally new concept in floors (optional extra). Most older style handlers feature a rubber lined, steel or wooden floor, but this unit has gone high tech in providing a fibre grate floor. This has significant advantages - the floor provides for a solid grip for animals in the unit, it is totally corrosion and wear proof, it is open so cleaning is easy, it is lightweight and easily lifts out providing opportunities for maintenance and cleaning of weigh bars.

The unit has a build in Injectagate™ which gives the operator safe access to in the neck injection work

Split gates both sides and a back up system in the top half of the gate which provides operators the opportunity to mother calves easily and have access to the bottom half of the animal with top gates providing support and backing bar providing lock in between head bail and locking bar.

A solid straight up and down bar slide gates provides for a "non climb" gate - sliding gates should never have horizontal bars as it provides a ladder for cattle in the race which is a danger to animal and operator.

The Cattle pro 500 has both front and rear operation handles, is hot dip galvanized and has solid composite panels on both bottom doors which again are providing a solid yet silent "soft" touch on the animal.

The Cattle pro 500 can be mounted on concrete or can be mounted on weighbars to function as a total handling weighing unit.

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